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Flynn Jr. came under fire for promoting the so-called PizzaGate conspiracy ,which falsely claimed Comet Ping Pong, a Washington pizzeria, was the center of a child sex trafficking ring involving Clinton and her campaign chief, John Podesta. The furor around that fake news story culminated when a man enraged over the claims later showed up with a gun and opened fire in the restaurant. No one was injured. The conspiracy theory first caught fire on the Internet in October amid the FBIs investigation into emails discovered on the laptop of top Clinton aide Huma Abedins estranged husband , disgraced former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner. A tweet claiming that the NYPD was looking into evidence of Clintons involvement in an international child enslavement ring first made its way to fringe message boards and websites. On Nov. 2, the elder Flynn shared a fake news story linking Clinton to sex crimes with minors, falsely stating that the NYPD was close to bringing charges against the Democratic nominee.

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